Bali has a secret. Forget the spectacular scenery, vivid sunsets, and post-card perfect beaches the travel guides tell you about. Behind the doors of the island’s luxury retreats lie the most beautiful spots to have a soak. Bathrooms in Bali are an experience in their own right: open-air showers, smooth pebbles underfoot, tubs that stand in the shade of tropical trees. Lather up and lounge back in the best Canggu has to offer.

Have an American Beauty moment, Bali style, immersed in frangipani petals in the stone bath of Bendega Rato‘s garden suite. The tub stands in the koi pond in the shade of a mango tree, so you can soak up the rays or lounge under the stars as you bathe. Fancy a soak with a view? The ensuite in the master bedroom at next-door villa Bendega Nui faces out on to Canggu’s surrounding fields, so you can cool down under the rainforest shower while gazing across verdant rice paddies.

Nothing says Bali luxe like an alfresco shower under the serene gaze of a stone buddha. The Master shower in elegant Villa Belong Dua is tucked in a green walled garden – think Secret Garden meets Eat, Pray, Love. The villa gets its name from the traditional belong – stone basins for sluicing yourself down.

Villa Belong Dua

Feel like the centrepiece of a landscape architect’s vision in the tub at Villa Sati. It sits perfectly in the middle of the square pond, at the centre of the plant-filled walled courtyard bathroom. And we think only in Bali will you find an ensuite bathroom larger than the bedroom it accompanies, just like this one-bedroom Villa Radha, a misanthrope’s dream hidden amid a lush garden of tropical flora. His ’n’ hers sinks, raised rainforest shower, free-standing stone tub: you don’t even need to see your other half. This bathroom at Villa Sarasvati will allow you to channel your inner princess at bathtime. The veil canopy and curtains that adorn the bath’s balé will conceal your bare skin from prying eyes and burning sun; it takes work to stay this pure. Handmaidens fanning you with palm fronds not included. And if you’re not into bathing in an open space, bathe in your own private rock pool at Villa Amy may be your choice. Its rugged stone tubs that look as though they’ve been painstakingly hollowed by Balinese master craftsmen. The fountain tap turns the whole affair into the water feature.

Love at first sight? And that’s just the bathrooms. You will fall in love deeper once you see the other rooms. Browse our full collection of Canggu luxury villas and you might just find your next holiday escape.