It is often said that people join a role but leave a boss. Conversely, a good boss and a supportive organisation can help an employee not only reach their potential but also reward them for it. And in return, employees reward the organisation with something priceless – their loyalty.

An employer is best judged by the happiness quotient of the people who work there and high retention rates. Successful companies put their employees first, constantly trying to get a pulse on the factors that affect employee satisfaction. This ultimate truth, if identified and understood, can help organisations reach unprecedented heights, as they don’t need to constantly worry about losing talent and starting the cycle of hiring and training all over again.

We spoke to some long-standing members of the Elite Havens family to get insights into the golden question – what makes a person stay, and not jump ship in a competitive industry?

The role is key

Though many factors contribute towards job satisfaction, the first and foremost seems to be the role itself. If the role is stagnant or monotonous, a person can lose interest and thus get disengaged after a few years.

Nattaya Semooha (Prada), Operations Manager (Malaiwana, Phuket) who has been with Elite Havens for over five years, agrees. “One of the main things that keep me happy at Elite Havens is the fact that my role is not routine. Every day is a new challenge, and this keeps me on my toes, never allowing a day at work to be dull.”

Growth opportunities

While an exciting role is important, the same job can get boring after a few years. People love a new challenge and seek growth opportunities within the organisation. Often, it is only when a firm cannot offer lateral or upward movement that people seek similar opportunities elsewhere.

Take the example of Bastien Boulay, our Marketing Manager in Manila. Bastien joined the company in 2017 and was based in the Bali office, often visiting and working with teams in our offices in Phuket and Singapore. He was transferred to our Manila office in 2020 as part of a role expansion and has embraced this change with open arms, exploring the gorgeous landscape of the Philippines, one beach at a time.

Milos Kosanovic couldn’t agree more. Formerly the General Manager of Koh Samui, Milos was responsible for all the villas on the idyllic island. In early 2021, he moved to Japan as the Country Manager and now runs the operations of all chalets in the country, enjoying the snowy countryside and the delicious food of Hokkaido.

Supportive work environment

At the end of the day, people want to be part of something – a growth story, a family or even an office environment that they look forward to every morning.

Roaniver Madrid (Roan), who works as an IT Manager in Manila has been with the company for more than a decade now. “My workday is always busy, but I never feel any unwarranted stress. Elite Havens has a warm family culture that makes me feel like I am a part of something bigger and keeps me motivated to do my bit to contribute towards the company’s success.”

Reward and recognition

Positive reinforcement always helps motivate people and the workplace is no exception. Happier employees are those who are given constructive feedback and are recognised and rewarded for good work.

When asked to describe Elite Havens in three words, Roan replied with “generous, accommodating and innovative,” mentioning that the company always rewarded him appropriately for work well done.

A transparent reward structure helps people know what they need to deliver to get the benefits specified. This leaves no room for ambiguity.

No Monday blues

If your job feels like it’s just another day at work, Monday blues can set in fast. The best way to avoid that is to choose a job you love and identify the reasons why you love it.

We asked Alexander Vitalis, our Operation Manager in Bali about what keeps him excited to come to work every morning, even after working here for seven years. “It’s simple,” he states, “the idea of seeing guests’ smiles keeps me motivated. There’s no reward greater than knowing you have made someone happy and delivered as promised.” We agree wholeheartedly.

Other factors

We recognise that these are only some of the factors that may lead to an employee being motivated at the workplace and choosing to stay with a company. Our employee interviews also suggested that variables like the accessibility of top management, inclusive environment, family culture and working with mentors who inspire them are important for employee retention.

In the long run, it often comes down to supportive work culture and positive energy at the workplace. If employers can identify the factors that drive loyalty amongst their employees, and these may differ company to company, or industry to industry, they will be able to create a work culture that will attract and ultimately retain high-performing talent. There’s no sure formula, but rather an ongoing conversation that we need to have with our people, keeping those doors open and our ears to the ground.

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