Last month, our staff at Villa Kalyani, a fabulous five-bedroom abode in Canggu, Bali, warmly welcomed the famous Indonesian actress and celebrity mom, Fairuz A. Rafiq.

Together with her celebrity husband, kids, extended family and loved ones, Fairuz checked into this private retreat for a week. Celebrity life can be exhausting, and she was looking forward to a much-needed break and change of scene. We caught up with her for a quick chat to find out how she’s been faring in these difficult times and how this Elite Havens’ vacation was just what she needed. Read on.

Escaping the city

Hailing from Jakarta, we can quite imagine the need to escape city life and the cacophony of chaos that comes with it. In tranquil Bali, this celebrity mom of two found the antidote to her busy and hectic schedule. It was no coincidence that her birthday fell during the day. After all, what better way than to safely celebrate a special occasion than in a spectacular private villa?

“I consider this vacation a complete package,” Fairuz said. “In addition to my husband, Sonny, and our two kids, Faaz and Eijaz – my family, my husband’s family and my best friends also tagged along with us. I received gifts from family, friends and fans then capped off my special day with lots of cake! I can say that my 35th birthday was well-spent.” With five bedrooms in this sensational property, there was plenty of room for everyone without cramping on style.

Fabulous at 35

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The Villa

The bar is high when it comes to pleasing celebrities. They are used to the best of the best and nothing less will do. Elite Havens has an esteemed guest alumni list of celebrities who went back with a smile, vowing to come back for seconds.

Fairuz loved Villa Kalyani, a high-tech, five-bedroom property located between the rippling rice fields of Canggu, a mere one kilometre away from Berawa Beach. She and her extended family found an array of options to keep themselves entertained, from an inviting 22-metre swimming pool perfect for afternoon dipping to an air-conditioned home theatre, games room and a party room with a dance floor to name a few. Fully staffed by a professional team to take care of their every need, they went back with happy smiles.

Grand interiors at Villa Kalyani

Fairuz’s wow-list

When asked about her favourite parts of the holiday, Fairuz’s eyes lit up. “The pool wasn’t too cold and it was huge! The lush surroundings were a big plus for me since I love being around nature. We also loved the pool table and the friendly staff who made sure we were comfortable during our stay.”

When they could tear themselves away from the villa, they loved going to the beach and trying out different cuisines. That sounds like a fabulous holiday, does it not?

Poolside smiles

Ramadan and Lebaran

When asked about their Ramadan plans, she said, “We will learn more about Islam and deepen our Ibadah or worship. Especially during the pandemic, we want to spend more time with the kids and introduce a deeper understanding of Islam to them. During this period, it is mandatory to have Es Buah (a kind of cold fruit soup) and dates for Iftar, while for Sahur, we always consume dates and hot tea.”

Then comes Lebaran and delectable food. “It’s always Opor Ayam, Sambal Goreng Ati, ketupat, and pineapple tarts for us. We always look forward to eating these at Lebaran every year.”

Living the life with loved ones

Gastronomic Delights

If there’s one thing Fairuz and her family cherished most about their vacation, it would be the delicious meals they were treated to. “Breakfast was the best! We also requested Beef Rendang for lunch and it was super yummy. The chef did a great job!”

We’re glad that Fairuz A. Rafiq, her family and best friends loved their stay at Villa Kalyani. It’s no secret that holidays are even more magical when you’re with your favourite people. And when asked if she would come back to stay at an elite haven, Fairuz graciously smiled with delight and said, “definitely yes.”

Afternoon drinks

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