Planning an event in Bali from a distance comes with its own set of challenges. Trust us, we know. For our 25th Anniversary celebrations in Bali, we planned an entire event from our offices across Asia. With the best on-ground concierge team and long-standing relations with Bali’s top event planners and vendors, we’ve got remotely planning an event in Bali down to a science. Want to know how? Read on.

This guide covers all you need to know about planning an event in Bali from afar, whether it’s a wedding, a business get-together, or any special occasion. Think of it as a helpful tool to make the process of remote event planning in Bali surprise-proof.

Bali: The Perfect Event Destination

When it came to choosing a destination for our grand 25th-anniversary extravaganza, Bali was the obvious winner. The island of the gods is where Elite Havens started curating villas, 25 years ago, an exquisite blend of time-honoured traditions, culture and luxury in a tropical paradise.

Recognised as a favourite venue for destination weddings, Bali is connected to a multitude of international destinations via direct flights, offering easy accessibility for guests. It is a mature event planning market, with ample online resources connecting you to planners and suppliers, simplifying the coordination process. The tropical climate, while idyllic, can bring unexpected weather changes during outdoor events. To address this, parasols were readily available, and the event planners continuously monitored the weather to avoid surprises. Additionally, we secured a tent supplier as a precautionary measure for the day.

Remotely Planning an Event in Bali

The top two challenges are to find the venue and identify your main event planner. Since our marketing team is based in other countries, we needed someone reliable and well-connected. We needn’t have worried, it’s hard to decide on one supplier because all of them are so good.

At first, we wanted to do everything DIY style. We soon realised that it was much better to hire an event planner who would organise and coordinate everything on the ground. By getting an organiser and coordinator who shared the same vision as us, it became easier for us to go about everything else.

When we finalized our main event organizer, Isle Co, everything else felt like a breeze. They visited the venue first and created a site map for us to picture the event set-up.

We were surprised how easy it was to remotely plan an event in Bali. We just made Isle Co a mood board and what the vibe of the event should be. They then provided us with creative direction, and suggestions on the details, from the flowers to the furniture. Isle Co was also the one who looked for suppliers (florals, cocktails, entertainment, etc.) and different entertainment (string players, dancers, band).

Event Vendors & Suppliers

The event suppliers we chose made a significant impact on the celebration, each contributing to the overall experience. Here are the vendors whom we signed up for our event, though we have plenty of others for you to choose from.

  • Event Planning: Isle Co – The chic set-up designed by Isle Co Bali truly stole the show, transforming the celebration into a visual masterpiece. Their meticulous event planning and styling added a touch of sophistication and ensured a memorable atmosphere for all attendees.
  • Flowers: Kintan – Kintan’s expertise in floral arrangements brought nature’s beauty to the event. The carefully crafted florals added an elegant and refreshing touch to the event.

  • Catering: Lumbung – Lumbung Catering left a lasting impression with their delectable canapés. The delicious offerings not only satisfied the taste buds but also showcased culinary expertise.

  • Desserts: Ixora – Ixora Cakes sweetened the occasion with delightful desserts that were nothing short of delightful. They added a touch of sweetness to the festivities, creating a memorable experience for those with a sweet tooth.

  • Bar program:
    • Thirsty Monkey – Thirsty Monkey took the beverage experience to the next level with their creative espresso martini tower and an impressive array of pretty handcrafted cocktails. The bars became a focal point, offering unique and visually appealing drinks that added a layer of sophistication to the celebration.

    • Tipsy Taps – Tipsy Taps’ welcome drinks and coconut stalls initiated the celebration with a refreshing burst of flavours. The free-flowing drinks set the tone for a lively and enjoyable event.

  • Sound: Azimuth – Azimuth’s sound system ensured a seamless auditory experience throughout the celebration.

Pro Tip: The #1 thing you should avoid when planning an event remotely

When planning an event remotely, it’s better to make sure you know what you want so you can communicate it clearly to the people handling everything on the ground. A handy tracker can help you stay organised by showing what’s left to do and what’s already completed. And don’t forget to keep the stress at bay and have confidence in your on-site team’s capabilities.



Planning an event in the future? Let Elite Havens help

We have a fantastic events team ready to work their magic on your special occasion. They’ll go the extra mile to discover the perfect villa that suits all your event dreams. And that’s not all – they’ll hook you up with the crème de la crème of event planners. It’s like having your event dreams come true with a little help from our expert team.