Planning a destination wedding on a tropical island like Bali, Phuket or Koh Samui? Here are some essential questions you must ask yourself when choosing an island wedding venue. Use this destination wedding venue checklist to find the perfect haven to host your dreamy wedding. 

Villa Semarapura Cemagi Beach Bali wedding venue


Can the venue accommodate the number of guests expected? If you want a large celebration of 100 guests, can the villa of your choice host a gathering that big? 

Villa Semarapura Bali wedding venue with steps

Perfect spots

Which areas are best for your entrance so that all eyes are on you? How about the ceremony? Do you want a backdrop of the ocean or tropical gardens? Is there a place where a dance floor can be laid? 

Make Up Trials

Have you tried on your wedding makeup in the tropical climate? Does it hold up in the humidity? Our team can connect you with the best make up artists on the island who understand local weather and how to make you look your best throughout the ceremony. 

Villa Semarapura beachfront wedding

Venues for the programme

When you choose a wedding venue, you have to look at the versatility of the villa. Which areas can be used for the reception? Is it a sit-down formal dinner or a mingling cocktail reception? Is there a games night, and where can it be hosted? 

Villa accommodation

A very important criteria for big families is the sleeping capacity of the villa. Can your friends and family stay at the wedding villa with you? This is an important point in your destination wedding venue checklist. 

Tropical creatures

What might seem like a silly point can sometimes play spoilsport in your wedding. Tropical islands attract insects and mosquitoes so your event planner must be ready to ward these off. What kind of mosquito repellent will they arrange for? Got that covered?

Villa Semarapura Bali wedding ceremony

Event organiser

Have you chosen an experienced event organiser? The success of a destination wedding, especially one that you’re planning remotely, depends largely on how good your event organiser is. Allow our team to connect you with the best event organisers on the island and tick it off your checklist. 

Villa Semarapura Bali wedding decoration

Culinary vision

What kind of food do you want at the reception? Do you have specific dishes or cuisines in mind? Or do you want to incorporate local elements in your food. Whatever your culinary vision, it can be brought to life by professional caterers. 

Villa Semarapura Bali wedding fire dancer


What entertainment do you have in mind for your events? It is important to know that certain places may not allow fireworks or sky lanterns. Your event organiser should know the wide variety of options that you have for entertaining your guests. 

Villa Semarapura Bali wedding lights


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WEDDING VENUE: Villa Semarapura  |  LOCATION: Cemagi Beach, Bali, Indonesia  |  EVENT PLANNER: Hitch’d

FLOWERS & CANDLES: Gloriosa  |  CATERING: Dijon   |   PHOTOGRAPHY: Terralogical

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