Women’s International Tennis Singapore (WITS) is a tennis league where women play tennis for competitive challenges and social camaraderie. The league began in 2000 with just a handful of members and has grown to over 650 women. WITS has several philanthropic missions, and the women bond over these and their love for the sport. They’ve also spent time together in an Elite Havens villa and we asked some members to describe their stay. 

Past WITS President Louise Martin describes herself as “a professional trailing spouse.” Martin has lived in 9 countries over the past 25 years. Besides tennis, she loves the gym and reading a book, with a cup of coffee in hand. Louise has stayed in Arnalaya Beach House and Villa Sapi.

Elite Havens: Hi, Louise. When did you stay in an Elite Havens villa?

Louise Martin: I have stayed at 4 different EH villas over the past 5 years.

Elite Havens: What did you like best about the villas?

Louise Martin: I love the feeling of total pampering.  Each property is different but similar in the standard it offers its visitor – superb!

Elite Havens: What did you do at the villas every day?

Louise Martin: There is usually so much to do at the villa – you can sunbathe, swim, play tennis (2 out of the 4 villas I stayed at had tennis courts), have massages, practice yoga, eat fabulous food!!!  Whatever your heart desires.

Elite Havens: How long have you been playing tennis?

Louise Martin: I’ve only been playing tennis for the last six years of so.

Elite Havens: What do you think of the Elite Havens tennis courts?

Louise Martin: On both occasions, the courts were excellently maintained and I even remember flood lights on the one in Lombok.  I would absolutely recommend them to a friend.

Elite Havens: Any anecdotes about your stay you can tell us?

Louise Martin: I don’t have a personal one but a friend of mine told me about something that happened to her when she stayed ….

She is a busy mother of 3 young kids.  She and her family were all packed up and in your Elite Havens transport on their way to the airport when she suddenly realised that she had left her brand-new remodelled diamond ring by the sink in their suite!  She was very upset obviously but she asked the driver if he could call the villa to check  …… she was then informed that one of the staff was already on his motorbike following their bus with the ring!!  She was so grateful and very emotional as you can imagine.  She could not believe how lucky she was to have chosen Elite Haven – otherwise, she may never have seen her precious engagement ring again. 

I thought that this was a great story ….(I loved the happy ending) and one that people will remember when they are thinking about their next family holiday.

Michele Royliston stayed at an Elite Haven in Bali with her tennis team, “to have a fun trip together” in a villa with a tennis court. 

Elite Havens: Hi, Michele. What did you like best about the villa?

Michele Royliston: We were happy with everything! The setting of the villa, the villa itself, there was a lovely big pool, the staff were fabulous, the meals were delicious, the atmosphere very relaxing and the tennis court was in excellent condition.

Elite Havens: What did you do at the villa every day?

Michele Royliston: Played tennis, swam, eat delicious meals, had massages, and relaxed by the pool.

Elite Havens: How long have you been playing tennis?

Michele Royliston: Seven years.

Elite Havens: How was the tennis court?

Michele Royliston: It was excellent. The court was on the grounds and was in very good condition, with a great net. It was lovely and clean. 

Elite Havens: Any anecdotes about your stay you can tell us?

Michele Royliston: The staff were very accommodating. As an example, we hadn’t booked lunch for the day we arrived but were hungry when we got there and so they prepared a delicious lunch at short notice. The gardens were particularly worth noting, spacious and very well kept. We would like to go back next year.

Wife, mother to 2 teenage boys and working at the Australian International School in Singapore, Mary Devine-Fox is passionate about tennis, interior design/architecture and travel. Mary has stayed at Arnalaya Beach House and Villa Kedidi.

Elite Havens: When did you stay in an Elite Havens villa?

Mary Devine-Fox: I stayed in your villas in 2016 and 2017.

Elite Havens: What did you like best about the villas?

Mary Devine-Fox: I loved Arnalaya Beach House for its location and luxurious ambience and setting.  Loved having a tennis court obviously, and loved that there was never a need to leave the villa – loved having a chef and staff and plenty of room to relax and gather as a group or for some down individual time.

I liked Villa Kedidi best for its size…there were only 3 of us and its location.  I liked the charming Balinese style and the fact we could use it as a base for sightseeing and for having all our meals catered for.  Loved we could hang out at night in the room and watch movies.

Elite Havens: How long have you been playing tennis?

Mary Devine-Fox: I have been playing tennis in Singapore for eight years.

Elite Havens: How are the villas for tennis? Do you recommend them?

Mary Devine-Fox: We had an AMAZING time at Arnalaya Beach House…the concept of our whole team travelling together and playing socially to celebrate the end of a season was fantastic.  The whole set up was perfect….rolling out of bed onto the courts was perfect.  In addition, we had a coach come and we had some lessons before just playing matches amongst ourselves.

Elite Havens: Any anecdotes about your stay you can tell us?

Mary Devine-Fox: When the team stayed at Arnalaya, the driver who looked after us was fantastic.

In addition, as I was the Sponsorship Rep for the WITS Tennis Committee, I was lucky enough to know Jon Stonham and Andy Grant, who provided amazing tips on where to eat when we chose to do so. 

All this writing makes me want to head back, and I love that you’ve expanded into Niseko as well….we are not a cold weather, ski family, but it’s good to know there are properties we could try in future.


Arnalaya Beach House is a masterpiece of contemporary beachside design set in tropical gardens with a tennis court, gym and spa that entwine to create the ultimate destination for surfside living.